EBAss Online Examinations

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To be able to take the examination you must first provide information that you have taken a training course which follows the EBAss framework (course completion certificate or letter from training establishment) and details of practical training (letter from training establishment, Medical Director or another appropriate person).

Details should be emailed to the Accreditation President at accreditation@ebassexam.org

You will also need to pay for your examination, this can be done online, securely and quickly using PayPal (no PayPal account needed).

Once your application has reviewed and been approved and payment received the Accreditation President will email the enrolment key to the Medical Director or another senior manager in your facility who will proctor the examination so that you can take the online theory examination.

Once your centre has the enrolment key you can go to the online examination website at: www.ebassexam.org/vle create an account and take your online examination.

Once you have passed the online theory examination the Accreditation President will contact your centre and arrange for the practical examination to take place.

Once you have completed and passed both the theory and practical examinations the Accreditation President will record your achievement and arrange for your certificate to be dispatched.